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Best Baby Monitor of 2021 – Reviews with Comparison

Tiny humans are cool! That is, when they begin to sleep through the night. Once this happens, you will find yourself wanting to sneak into the nursery and watch them sleep all the time. The problem then becomes how you can do that without waking them up. The answer is something all expecting parents already know: a baby monitor. Not only will this little contraption from heaven help your little one sleep better, but it will also relieve you of any worry letting you sleep better as well.

Best Video Baby Monitor – Top 5 Recommendations

Technological advancements have now made it easy to keep an eye on your infant without visiting the nursery time and again throughout the night. This also ensures a good night’s sleep for the baby without any disturbance caused by your late-night visits. A video baby monitor allows you to take a close look and monitor the baby at any time of the day or night. This innovative device can record videos and send alerts when your baby needs you.

VTech DM221 Baby Monitor Review

The Vtech DM211 is an affordable baby monitor with more features than the average product in this price range. This monitor has sound activation and a two-way talk feature – these are some of the most sought after features when buying a monitor. The sound quality is excellent, although no video is provided in this model.

Arlo Baby Monitor Review

Possibly the most adorable monitor on the market, the Arlo Baby Monitor by Netgear is designed to look like a cute bunny and to work as a super-nanny watching over the safety of your baby. With 1080p HD video quality, 2-way wireless talk and compatibility with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, it is an overall great monitor for anyone looking for smart features and an excellent design. Although this monitor may look innocent and cute with its bunny ears, it is a tough competitor to other monitors on the market.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Review

Highly rated by magazines, this baby monitor by Infant Optics is also the 2018 award winner for the Popular Mechanics Best Baby Monitor. Infant Optics is a trusted brand, delivering great quality baby monitors since 2011. The DXR-8 monitor is lightweight and portable, giving you mobility to move it around the house easily. A compact size means no large batteries are required for the screen, saving energy and money. The monitor also comes with an interchangeable lens, giving you the freedom to adjust the view to your needs. Your safety and privacy are guaranteed by a secure transmission where no data is shared through the internet.

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