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How Safe are Baby Monitors?

As a parent, you probably already heard some concerning discussions around the safety of baby monitors. More specifically, there are two primary sources of concerns – the potential hacking of your baby monitor and secondly, the harmful effects of electromagnetic exposure. Here’s a short description of what they are and how to protect your baby. 

Video vs. Audio Baby Monitor: Which one is better?

Technology has invaded all aspects of our lives. We use our mobile phones for literally everything: traveling, transport, card payments, entertainment, on top of the traditional calling and messaging. Some of us love all the new conveniences brought by technological integration. But when it comes to our babies, we are continually looking for betterment, safety, and security, while keeping it simple. Here’s a comparison of video and audio baby monitors and which option is the best for your baby. 

How Do Baby Monitors Work? – A Comprehensive Guide

Technology is developing at such a fast pace nowadays, that sometimes it is increasingly difficult to be up to date with all the details. Nonetheless, baby monitoring is one necessary safety and security measure for our babies. They allow us to check on them while doing household chores, or having a little peak when the little one is way too quiet, without disturbing their peace.

Baby Monitor vs. Security Camera: Which one is better?

Some people may have heard discussions on the relatively recent debate between security cameras and baby monitors. Security cameras have become new alternatives for monitoring your baby. But what is the difference and which one is best? Should you even consider using a security camera to keep an eye on your little one? In this article, we will take a look at the differences, similarities, and features of both to determine which is best for you.

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