Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
"This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links."

Baby monitors are a great tool for parents. They allow parents to complete their work and household tasks, all the while keeping a close eye on their child. However, parents who are hard of hearing or deaf, cannot use the traditional sound-making baby monitors.

Instead, they have to rely on other baby monitors that vibrate and have visual cues. Even with these different types of baby monitors, it can still be difficult to decide which one to choose. Here is a list of the top five best baby monitors for deaf parents.

Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents

Comparison Chart

Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler
41PC4cip6JL. SL500
VTech BA72211BL Blue Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range, Vibrating Sound-Alert, Talk Back Intercom & Night Light Loop
416MG9KZE0L. SL500
Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Gen 1 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
41Tih6pZT3L. SL500
Summer Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor
41ly6iFeYmL. SL500
Wireless Baby Camera Monitor System – Long Range Two Way Audio Cam Baby Monitor w/ Smart Watch – Toddler/Infant/Child Cam Video Monitoring w/ Mic/Temperature Sensor/Night Vision – SereneLife SLBCAM550

Sonic Alert Baby Cry Signaler

The Sonic Alert Baby Cry Signaler is one of the simpler baby monitors. It is the perfect addition to any family who wants an easy to use baby monitor.


Although it is simple, it is very effective and comes with great features needed for every deaf parent. Those include:

  • Adjustable Sensitivity Control
  • Built-in Indicator Light
  • Immediately Alerts
  • Plugs into Any Outlet

The Good

This monitor is great because it is wireless. It will automatically send you a signal when your baby is awake. Another amazing feature is that it has an amazing adjustable sensitivity control. Even if your baby is very quiet and doesn’t cry when they wake up, you will still be able to know as soon as they wake up. There are no lights on your child’s monitor, so they won’t be woken up by the monitor.

The Bad

The major downside is that you have to purchase a receiver for it to work. However, this monitor is one of the cheapest you can buy, so even though you have to make two separate purchases, it still is cheaper in the end compared to alternative monitors. The receiver will only light up to alert you, not vibrate.

Vtech Baby Monitor

41PC4cip6JL. SL500

With a 4.5-star rating, Vtech is another baby monitor for deaf parents that is hard to beat. Again this is one of the simpler ones, but it gets the good done quite nicely all the same.


This baby monitor has some of the same features as the first monitor but comes with more that really parents enjoy. These features are:

  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology
  • 1000 Feet Range
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Night Light

The Good

The Vtech baby monitor has a great range, up to 1000 feet, so you can hear your baby from anywhere in the house. It also comes with a two-way communication feature so you can soothe your child all the while staying in your own room. This is a vibrating baby monitor for deaf parents. You can sleep soundly and know you will be awakened by the vibration when your child needs you.

The Bad

While the vibrating system is quite useful, this is the only thing it comes with. There is no video to see your baby as well. You will only be alerted by vibration. There also are no power cords with the product, so you either have to use the ones you already have or buy new ones. Lastly, it can take a while to actually turn off, up to 15 seconds, which is frustrating for busy parents.

Nanit Smart Monitor

416MG9KZE0L. SL500

The Nanit is a smart baby monitor that works great for deaf parents. The technology is advanced, which is no wonder why it reaches the top of the list.


There are so many amazing features, if you are a lover of technology, you will certainly want to get this one! Some of these incredible features include:

  • HD Live Views
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • Hospital Standard Security System
  • Smart Alerts

The Good

This baby monitor is a little bit different from the rest. It has a built-in camera into a wall mount. There are no other cords or monitors, just the wall mount. You have to download the app to use and see your child. The HD videos go straight to your phone which makes it easier to check on your baby throughout the day. The app includes a sleep monitoring function as well as a way to take pictures to send to loved ones.

The Bad

Some of the features on the app are only available with a subscription, so you would end up paying more than just purchasing for the monitor. However, most of the basic functions are free, so you don’t have to have a subscription. To move or change the position of the camera, you have to manually do it. Some have also complained about the vibration alert is too short to wake you throughout the night.

Summer Infant Babble Band

41Tih6pZT3L. SL500

Another one of the best baby monitors for deaf parents includes the Summer Infant Babble Band. It is different from the rest as it has a band to wear to alert you when your baby is awake.


This is another vibrating baby monitor that works great for deaf parents. Along with the vibration alert method is also includes:

  • Wearable Band
  • Hands-Free Option
  • 3 Monitoring Modes
  • Digital Privacy Ensured

The Good

The Summer baby monitor is a wearable band instead of a monitor. That way you can have your hands free to do other things all the while still keeping in the loop with your baby. There are three monitoring modes which include a vibration mode, a sound mode, and a light mode, that way you can choose which method works best for you.

The Bad

This monitor does not have a video option, which a lot of parents enjoy using throughout the day, and the night as well. Another major issue is that it only has a battery life of eight hours maximum, so sometimes, it won’t last throughout the entire night if your baby wakes up a lot.

Wireless Baby Camera Monitor System

41ly6iFeYmL. SL500

This baby monitor is quite similar to the Summer model mentioned earlier. It is another hands-free option with a wearable band.


This is another one of the best baby monitors for deaf parents as it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Although it is similar to the Summer baby monitor, it has more amazing features including:

  • Smart Watch Monitor to include Videos
  • Night Vision
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Room Temperature Monitoring
  • Lullabies and Music
  • Vibration Alert System

The Good

This baby monitor is one you can wear on your wrist, exactly like a smartwatch. It has a video monitor so you can see your child anytime you want. Also included is night vision, so you can see your child both during the day and throughout the night. It comes with musical melodies and lullabies along with two-way communication so you can soothe your child even if you aren’t in the same room. It is equipped with a vibration alert system, which works great for deaf parents.

The Bad

Because it is a smartwatch, the screen is a lot smaller than most video baby monitors. The screen has a 1.54-inch display, so you won’t see your child as clearly or effectively as you would other baby monitors. However, despite the small screen size, most reviewers confirm is has great video quality.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know our top five baby monitors for deaf parents, it may still be a hard decision to determine which monitor would be the best fit for your baby. Here we will describe different features of the baby monitors to look out for when you are considering getting a baby monitor.

Types of Monitors for Deaf

There are many types of monitors that work great for those hard of hearing, or deaf. Some have vibration alerts, video, or light alerts. Find what works best for you and stick with it.

Light/Vibration Monitors

These typically do not come with any video. It simply will alert you with a vibration pad, or with lights as soon as your child is awake. These monitors are very sensitive to sound, so if your child is quiet or loud, it can be adjustable, so you are only alerted when they wake up. These are typically the cheaper option as well.


If you want to see your child while still getting the light and vibration alerts, a video monitor is probably best for you. It provides extra assurance to you to see your child and know that they are alright.


This is another great baby monitor for deaf parents. It can have a video, or just be a wearable bracelet to alert you when your child awakes. This is nice if you are constantly running around and are busy while your child naps because it is a hands-free device.

Battery Quality

You don’t want to get a baby monitor, for it to constantly die on you throughout the night because that would be pretty pointless. There are some that can be plugged in to charge all the while still working. There are also some with rechargeable batteries. Those are great for parents who travel often or if the power suddenly goes out.

Wireless Feature

Some baby monitors nowadays come with an app to monitor your child from your phone. That way, you don’t have extra monitors or devices around the house. It also helps make the monitors wireless. Then, you don’t have to worry about your child grabbing the wires.


Here is a list of some of the most common questions relating to baby monitors, especially those for deaf parents.

How Long Should I Use a Baby Monitor?

Typically, you should use a baby monitor until your child sleeps well on their own. When they are in a toddler bed and can come get you if they need you throughout the night, a baby monitor is probably not needed. However, you can always use it while they are playing if you need to get something done in another room.

What Alert System is Best for a Baby Monitor?

If you have found a particular alert system that has worked well for you in the past, it is best to stick with that system for a monitor. However, if you want to test out another method to see if it works better, there is nothing wrong with that. More than likely, what has worked previously will work just as fine now.

Are There Monitors with All the Alert Settings?

Yes! You can find a monitor that has multiple alert settings, so you can figure out which one you like best. Many mentioned above include each alert system, including vibration, light indicators, and the video option. This is a great way to find a monitor that works best for you without having to buy and return multiple ones.

If One Parent is Deaf and Another is Not, Can We Still Use the Same Monitor?

Again, yes! Each baby monitor has a sound option, making it so each parent can use it. This is also because many people use a hearing aid during the day, but not throughout the night. So, they include many options so the monitor will fit everyone’s needs. Some even include two-parent monitors so you can have them both turned to different settings.

Final Verdict

Whether you want a simple monitor, a video one or even a hands-free watch monitor, each is fully equipped to alert you when your child is awake, especially for deaf parents, or those hard of hearing. With these top five best baby monitors for deaf parents, you can rest easy knowing your child is safe. Using this as a reference guide can eliminate extra time and stressful research, so you can easily choose the best monitor for you.

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